All About Me

The good, the bad, the funny.

My name is Amanda Strong.
I’m an authentic, direct speaking, detail-oriented,
get-shit-done, outspoken creative that likes to swear a bit…ok more than a bit…with fantastic listening skills to build you a brand, visuals and website that is true to you.

Wanna work together?

Fantabulous. If you’re looking for quick business items – business cards, brochures, post cards, posters, etc – it’s just a jump to the left, and a step to the right…

Looking for a bigger commitment?

Below is a bit of a guideline in working big projects with me (logos, websites, package design, etc). Since we’ll be spending a lot of virtual time together, let’s make sure we’ll work well together.

I am an intense ENTJ in the Myers-Briggs Personalities. Or, if it means more to you – I’m a high D and C in the DiSC Personality realm. With so much organization and attention to detail, I’m pretty sure I should be medicated for OCD.

In the spirit of efficiency (see the theme here?) see how many awesome qualities you can check off. THEN, if you still need more, there are some elaborations below.

We will work SO well if you:

  • Have a fabulous sarcastic/witty sense of humor.
  • Know what you want, but also that you need help getting there.
  • You don’t need to be held accountable—once you know what needs to be done, it’s just a matter of fucking DOING IT.
  • You understand and value experts in their field.
  • You understand that using a professional is an investment – not expense.
  • Believe in living life on your own terms.
  • Are not phased for a second with four letter words.
  • Have a business mind-set: time is money, and you don’t waste either.
  • Don’t care whether you are friends with your associates, as long as they do their damn job.
  • Can understand and have full conversations using only emojis, giphs, and movie quotes. (Ok, so that’s not necessary, but it is my quirk.)
  • Harry Potter and Game of Thrones fan. (not a must, but it will be WAY more fun ???? )

Not enough to know if we’re a match yet?

This should help.

Will you take the blue pill? Or the red pill?

Because the following contains a LOT of information – hey, I’m thorough. What can I say? – the following question will most likely point you in the right direction. Don’t think about it – click it on instinct.

When you first meet someone you would like to do business with, do you research their credentials and interview them during coffee to find out their processes? Or do you schedule coffee because they seem really fun and you think the two of you would get along great?

That’s great.
But seriously…Who ARE you?

First and foremost….don’t let the one arm fool you. I have been designing most of my life, and didn’t realize it was a legitimate job until into my late 20s. And because I was born without, I literally forget about it until it’s the topic of conversation. When it comes to business I’m a hardass, and efficiency and quality make my heart sing.

I am a SERIOUS Potterhead. I love all things Harry Potter like a fat kid loves cake. But it’s not just a fan-crush like a Beatles fanatic, those stories changed my life. It became ok to be weird, and a good thing to fight for the underdog.

Growing up, I was the weird one in the family. While everyone else geeked out on sciency stuff,  I was by myself, usually under a table or in a closet, coloring. Even know I get giddy over coloring books. Sesame Street or adult, I don’t care.

Then one day, I found myself managing a bridal store. Frankly, her branding sucked, and she knew it. So I told her I would take a stab at it. When we decided to expand to a website (in all fairness! This WAS in 2007 – in Smallville, Idaho!) the pro we hired told me I needed to go back to school. “You did in Word what I pay people a lot of money to do in Photoshop…and you did it exceedingly well.”

So I did.

Amanda Strong

Amanda Strong

Boss Lady / Graphic Geek

Photo by: Lauren Allen Photography

So, what happened?

At age 26 I went back to school for my first degree in Graphic Design and Print Technology (which means I can *correctly* set up anything that prints – from business cards to room banners, package design to books). By the end of the first semester, I had already won two awards.

My second degree came four years later in Portland where I studied Web Design. To me it made sense to truly understand both print and web…but that is an anomaly in the design world. I had no idea that with my second degree I’d become a “Design Unicorn”. I am now able to take anything from print to web and back again seamlessly. Color matching, optimizing images and making sure your brand stays intact.

Basically? I know my shit.

But my education didn’t stop. Throughout the years, I have regularly taken both on campus and online college courses, as well as expert webinars and trainings to further my knowledge of design. I truly believe that once you stop learning you become obsolete in my field, and because I truly am a geek I kind of freaking LOVE going to school! (Seriously, my favorite store is Staples. I get excited about sticky notes and color coordinated pens.)

As a business owner for nearly a decade now, I’ve worked with start-ups to seasoned business owners to ensure they have everything they need to market their business and present themselves as professionals. I’ve worked with multi-million dollar companies on package re-designs, and mom-and-pop shops on building a working logo.

I don’t just do the job, I make sure it’s done right the first time.

Why Amanda?

One thing you have to know about me is I work a lot. A LOT. I truly love it. I’m unapologetically a workaholic…

But I’ve always been a shitty employee. I have the personality that if I can seen something can be done more efficiently, I can’t quite understand why it’s not altered. And I’m vocal about it. Because I have no filter. Think Luna Lovegood without the eccentric part.

I’m also a true introvert. I avoid the phone like it’s a rattle snake, and I’m the person who is so excited and thorough about planning the party…and then finds a reason not to go because the crowds can overwhelm me.

I’m also an insomniac, so I am more likely to stay up and work until 3 or 4am, than to get up and go to anything before 9. Sometimes 10. Probably because my introvert side is happiest in silence.

For this reason, I decided I wanted to work for myself. I could be in control of my education to make me not only a better designer, but a better business person. I wouldn’t need to find a job in China to make sure is was the optimum working hours for me, and I don’t have to spend $5 on one fucking cup of coffee on the way to work. So it’s actually a treat when I do.

Still here?


After ALLLLLLLL that, if you’re still on the Amanda Train, then awesome! What you see is what you get with me and, if you’re ready you can just shoot me a design request or check how the Work With Me page to see exactly what I’ll do and what you’ll get!

I’m just here for the bio, man!

*sigh* Ok fine…Here’s a third person bio just for you.

Amanda Strong is a graphic + web design expert with a specialty in business branding and print collateral that focuses on bringing a professional, cohesive look to help her clients be at the top of their game.

Earning two degrees in her career, Amanda still regularly attends classes. “I believe you never stop learning in my field, and I want to make sure I can prove the best service possible to my clients by staying on top of technology.” She started her business A Strong Design in 2008, and has worked with the full gamut of clients from multi-million dollar companies on package re-design, to mom-and-pop shops on their first logo. Because of this, Amanda has learned to listen intently to each client and bring to life their vision – even if they can’t see it for themselves at first. When not working, Amanda enjoys getting messy and running through the house with her 3 year old son, chilling on the couch with her hubby, cat Binx (like in Hocus Pocus) and the latest episode of Game of Thrones or Elementary, or totally geeking out on Harry Potter for the 500th time.


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