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I’ve done all the work for you!

When you’re new to business, or suck at technology, or just simply have too many options and you’re overwhelmed as hell…sometimes the best thing ever is when someone says “Here. Use this.”

That’s what this is for. To save you time and headaches.

I won’t lie…some of these I’m an affiliate with. Why? Because they were THAT awesome that I would have shared anyway, but if we can both benefit from you learning about these fabulous companies then, dude. Why not?

That being said. I DO NOT recommend or affiliate with any company that is not worth my time (read: will just be a pain in the ass for you). These companies are not only seriously on the top of their game, but I’ve used most of them for years. You’ll actually see product reviews for a lot of them (even some tutorials) in my journal. Because they are that awesome. Really really!


Dubsado is this fantastic do-it-all-in-one-place service where you can do so much more than JUST keep track of your clients and where your projects are currently at – but your bookkeeping, invoicing, calendar, emails, contracts, questionnaires, and todos! Best part? You can build templates and workflows to automate SO much of your business. It’s so brilliant! (And the owners, and customer service is uber awesome too!)

Square is used for a fast and easy online store, as well a register, invoicing, payroll and more. Bonus – there’s no contracts. So if you send invoices or only need a “store” to sell your handmade friendship bracelets every summer they’ve got you covered. Check out my full review here!
Square Cash

Square Cash app was designed by the same guys who brought you Square. You can transfer money directly just like in Venmo, but with these guys you can get your money instantly. Plus, you can get a bonus virtual credit card! It’s literally my favorite way to send and receive money to friends, babysitters…rent. Yeaaaa digital age!

UpDraft Plus is a super powerful backup system for your WordPress website. It backs up your site in compartmentalized files that you can set to auto-backup and allows you to store your backups in multiple places for security redundancy. Plus, it is super easy to recover your site and restore it if the worse should happen. See my full review here.
Creative Market is the designers’ playground! Whether it’s a template, mockup, pattern, image or vector, Creative Market has so many options to choose from it’s like visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory…only with pixels and RGB. Check out my full review here!


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