Well, Hello Badass!

I’ve been waiting.
…in a totally non creeper way.

Hey hey hey!

I’m pretty stoked to be working with you on your new, fantabulous brand. It’s gonna be awesome!

Below, I’ve outlined the basics of how I work (yup, you’re in the club now!). Make sure you read through it all (I mean, as if you wouldn’t…amiright?) to make sure we’re like peanut butter and jelly.

In the email that will be headed your way soon, you’ll have a form I made up for you to ask any questions you’re probably gonna have.

Before that though, here’s a super quick overview on what’s below.

      1. How I communicate and how to get a hold of me.
      2. A recap on the awesomeness you’re about to get!
      3. What is not included.
      4. What to do about the “not included”
      5. What I’ll need from you
      6. Time frame
      7. Payment schedules
      8. Cancellations
      9. FAQs
      10. Getting your shit.


Office Hours and Communication

1. We will have our scheduled meetings where we can chat in detail about what’s coming up and what is needed for your project, both before and after we start. I’ll always give you a quick end-of-the-week update in TeamWork so you know where things are at, and you are encouraged to respond to and look over the updates in TeamWork regularly. But if you ever have an emergency, panic attack or total freakout about your project and need to chat ASAP, you can always schedule one of your 30 minute sessions to hash out details  here. If for some reason there’s not an opening soon enough, just shoot me a message in TeamWork. We can work it out.

2. Sorry, bro. I don’t work weekends or holidays unless you pay me extra.

3. I’ll do my damndest to get back to you right away, but the worst case scenario is you’ll hear back in 24 hours during the week.

4. I hate the phone. No really. I haven’t used the phone the way Mr. Bell intended since it had a curly cord attached to it. The phone will not be used.

5. EVERYTHING about our project will be communicated and updated in TeamWork. This software keeps things all pretty looking and organized. I promise – it will be awesome.


The Fanastic Website stuffs you’re gonna get!

1. Two 90 minute strategy sessions – one before, and one near the end of the project. 

2. Two 30 minute clarity calls during the project to iron out details.

3.  Total website rebuild (code and design included) 

4.  Mobile ready, responsive website

5.  12 fully designed, ready to post pages with templates.

6. A sales page template with guide for all your launches.

7. Opt-In integrations for getting people on your newsletter list. You choose with who (MailChimp or ConvertKit, etc)

8. Security and hosting. You don’t HAVE to switch….but you’ll save a shit ton of stress when your website is practically unhackable, and runs lightning fast to boot!

9. Five pro emails from YOUR domain. We can even set it up in your gmail account. 

10. All the things your marketing team will kiss you for: Google analytics, Heat Maps, Facebook Pixels….all the things. 

11. Get three forms for people to connect – built in your CRM or within the site itself. You choose. 

12. One seriously BadAss website. 


I totally understand wanting to have the experience of designing it all yourself…but honestly, wouldn’t you rather do ANYTHING else for (inevitably) multiple hours of your time? Playing with your kids, building your list…making sales? Let me help you. See all package options!

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