Say My Name,

Level up. Get your brand on!

Does your preschooler have better creative skills than you?

The thought of making one more damn “graphic” makes your nostrils flare and the eye-twitch to come back, but you need them for your blog/launch/program…um, basic business.

Why are there so many damn “handwriting” fonts?! Your colors are simple, but why does that purple look so different this time?
Why won’t that box line up!!?? Oh good. There’s the awesome white box around my logo again.

And OMG! whyyyyyyy does Facebook keep changing the damn image sizes?!

You are one BadAss solo-preneuer.

We know it. You know it. Finally look like it.

Get ready to get constant compliments on how amazing you look, have people lining up at the door to work with the pro you are,
have your graphics be just as easy to build as the program you can’t stop thinking of,

Because we are going to make your biz look beautiful!

Say my name, Rockstar!

is a massive custom branding package
(“package” hehehe!)

to help your biz finally LOOK like the BadAss Boss Babe you are!

The bliss that comes after
You Get your Brand on:

Look Haute!

Get it gurl…you will not only totaly rock it in your business, but you will look like one serious BadAss. Marie Forleo will have nothing on you, because people will know who you are and what you have brought to the table! There’s nothing sweeter than a stranger saying “Hey! I’ve seen your stuff!” at an event…


Delegate FTW!

When you have a set brand, with guides and details, did you know you can off load all your design work to anyone and IT WILL ALL MATCH! That’s us, your VA, your designer friend, even you DIYing in Canva, or your sister’s kid who’s into design. On second thought, don’t do the last one. But, if necessary, you totally could!

Bye, Felicia!

Want to know the best part of branding for YOU? All those terrible clients filter themselves. No, really. Remember in “Mean Girls” how Regina LOOOOOVED Cady…as long as she looked like a plastic too? Yea. Don’t be a plastic, because your vibe attracts your tribe. And the branding totally supports it. 

I love my brand so fucking much...It's so much better than I could have imagined! I am ALWAYS getting compliments on my signs and website.


“The goal of a designer is to listen, observe, understand, sympathize, empathize, synthesize, and glean insights that enable him or her to ‘make the invisible visible.”

– Hillman Curtis

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The Sponsor Kit was absolutely gorgeous! We're so proud to share it with companies and donors now! 

Capes and Crowns Foundation

When you have
A Rockstar brand you can:

Save 20 hours a week loudly swearing at your computer because you can’t find the contract/file/invoice/email/thing the client needs!
Save $1000s on on lost income because your lack-of-system made the client feel like you didn’t care.
Save your sanity because you have total confidence your clients get what they need, when they need it, to keep moving forward with you.

So. How does this work?

Step 1
Check out the different package options below.

Step 2
Click the button to fill out a quick form about your biz and schedule your digital “face to face”.

Step 3
Get a questionnaire to figure out all the pieces you need. Choose the level of help that is right for you, sign the needed legalese, and pay your deposit.

Step 4
Send me all your things (I have forms to collect it).

Step 5
Celebrate the ease that automation brings to your whole life.

Say My Name, Rockstar!
is a massive custom branding package
(“package” hehehe!)
to help your biz finally look like the BadAss Boss Babe you are!

Starting at only $1830

Wanna know what you get?


When you work with us, you get so much more than the Average Joe. A brand isn’t one or two things, and it’s SO much more than a logo. That just won’t help anyone. So here are the awesome things you get when all is said and done.

Need more for your brand? The Say My Name Rockstar brand package includes all this awesomeness and more!

Brand Consult

Bad news first.
There’s homework.

Building a brand takes more than just a couple of Pinterest boards. However, before all that it will just be you, me, Pinterest, and coffee. You’ll get an expert consult on where you want to take your business.

Logo Design

Need a new one?
Maybe an overhaul?

Made just for you. This includes 3 sketches to choose from, 3 rounds of revisions, and the final logo delivered in both print and web ready files along with every version you could ever need. Including the extras like watermarks.

Social Media

Let’s not forget

3 Social media headers for your pages, 20 predesigned graphics to share with the world, and 20 easy to use templates to put your own words and images behind using whatever platform you choose…all on brand. 


Full Brand Guide

Set some rules!

It will never matter if we build you a great brand, if you can’t duplicate he results! You’ll get a beautifully laid out brand guide to detail the fonts, colors, graphic styles, and rules for you to follow along.


Bonus Whiteboarding

Get the coffee!
Grab the notepad!

Get two quick 30-minute A-Ha! sessions during website development to bounce ideas around, get clarity or pre-training to dive right in.

Business Cards

How will you network without?

The veggies of any business are the business cards. Highly necessary, and often forgotten. Don’t worry. We handle the printing too. 

Don’t want to deal with physical cards? We’ll make you a digital version as well. 

HUGE thank you to A Strong Design for her help in creating all the gorgeous ads and booklets for our conferences!

The MOB Nation

But wait…There’s MORE!

Branding Guide
You’ll get a PDF style guide to give you direction on everything about your brand – textures, fonts, line sizes and logo placement. You name it.
It will also include any passwords we may have set up – pro emails, hosting account, and social media sites.

Fun Editorial Calendar
We’re sarcastic and snarky, but we love to research! This fun 12 month editorial calendar is based of recommendations of different marketers, some fun holidays from, and adds in both an overview of each month, and details of each holiday.

Cheater resources
We have the in on some pretty sweet sites. We’ll give you the backstage pass. You’ll get a list of royalty free stock photo resources, simple DIY design creation, and the best places to find expert business tips and tricks.

Show Them who’s the Boss…
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Need more for your brand? The Say My Name Rockstar brand package includes all this awesomeness as well!

Strategy Session

Roll up your sleeves,
and order the take out.

In this 90 minute session, we’ll walk you through the in-depth questions of how to build your brand. From colors to copy, social media to writing newsletters. What’s needed, what’s not, and what fads are best left alone.

Business Collateral

Do you have a brochure?
Why, yes I do!

Chances are, you need more than just business cards. Get 5 “printed” items: brochures, posters, room banners, rack cards, hang tags…the options are pretty endless. Don’t need them printed but need a kickass workbook?
We got ‘chu.


Newsletter template

Don’t forget about
your subscribers!

You’ll get a stunning newsletter template in whatever service you choose, along with an uploaded library of optimized graphics (they load faster), and some guidance in what makes a great newsletter.

Pro Email

Put your best
foot forward!

Don’t blow your new brand with boring emails! We’ll build you a custom, and beautiful, email signature with active links (like where they can actually call you by clicking your number)! It’ll include social links, an image, and business links too!

Opt-In PDF

Let’s grow your list.

We all know you need to give people a reason to be added to your newsletter…let’s give them something to talk about! (You’ll be singing that all day now. Sorry.)

Well look at you!

Hello beautiful!!

Ready to show the world your bueatiful face and awesomesauce business? You’ll get a custom YouTube intro to add to all your amazing videos. Go ahead, yell your message to the world! They are ready!


Promo Video

Talk about launching!

We’ll build you a two minute promo video, perfect for launching your program, event, or services. We follow the Facebook guidelines so your ready to market the shit out of them, and you’ll look amazingly professional! 

Media or Speaker Kit

Get the word out!

As a bonus, you’ll get a discounted Media or Speaker kit designed as an add-on when you buy the Say My Name, Rockstar package. This pro designed kit will help you get noticed, and get hired, for your next level ventures!

Hey there. I’m Amanda.

I’m a strategic branding expert that specializes in print and web layouts. And a total graphic geek. I love the challenge of finding the brand (all the colors, fonts, textures, backgrounds, and style) that represents you as a unique and BadAss business. I want to help you change the world, and I do that by letting YOUR awesomeness shine through. 

How Will You know if the shoe fits?

We will work SO well if you:

  • You’ve been in business long enough to know basically what you look for in an ideal client.
  • You appreciate an expert in their field – so you can be the BadAss in yours.
  • You understand the value in a quick text and a system that works.
  • You aren’t insulted by an F bomb….or two.
  • You are decisive….even if you need some guidance.
  • You appreciate that “brand” isn’t just a trendy word, but could chage your business entirely!
  • Have a fantabulous sarcastic/witty sense of humor.

…It ain’t gonna work if:

  • You have been in business less than a year, or never ran a business before.
  • You want to just do a logo, not a complete brand.
  • You don’t want to make time to complete the forms required to move your project forward.

Get it Gurl…
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Everything looks great! I love it so much!


So what are my options?

Find the perfect fit for your business and let’s get your brand on!

Show Them who’s the Boss…
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Need more for your brand? The Say My Name Rockstar brand package includes all this awesomeness as well!

Wow, Amanda is amazing! Her process made it easy for us and she captured exactly what we envisioned.


So ya got some questions.

How long does a brand take?

Most branding projects from initial chat to handing over the files takes about 3 months.

We go super in depth with psychology for you, do a lot of research for trends and styles we feel you’d love, and make sure all the pieces are signed off before we deliver any files. This way, you know they are EXACTLY what you want. 

Can I just call you?

We absolutely understand and agree with face-to-face meetings when we first start a project and when things are needed to discuss in depth when a project is stuck…but we worked really hard on building a system to ensure pieces do not fall through the cracks.

For this reason, we request phone calls are scheduled, and few and far between. There’s multiple people involved to build you the best brand ever, and we don’t want something to get lost in translation because our fabuolous project manager was caught off guard with a project question at the grocery store.

Why do I need this?

You value good design and understand the quality it provides. Aesthetics matter, big time, and you know this. You also know that great design can slingshot you out of the crowd because you show your clients that YOU are worth it.

Grab our freebie by joining our newsletter on the Top 7 Reasons You Need a Brand below.

How do I know I'm getting quality?

You know that pulling a random image off Google is probably a big no no (even if you’re not totally sure why), and you know that hiring from places like Fiverr and the neighbor’s sister’s just-graduated-highschool kid probably won’t provide the level of professionalism you value in yourself. You understand it’s like hiring a lawyer, you WANT the expert…because let’s be honest “My Cousin Vinny” totally just lucked out.

We have over ten years, two degrees, constant continuing education, a multitude of clients from all walks, and even speaches given on this subject. You can believe us when we say, “We totally know our shit.”

Do you always swear?

Swearing is an exclamatory elaboration of the feelings you were currently articulating at that moment in time, according to my very European grandma. And let’s be honest – just like Albert Einstein said: “Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.”

In short. Yes. Because we believe in totaly authenticity, and that means being you no matter what people say, we walk the walk. You always know what you get with us. 

What if I can't decide on graphic choices?

You know what you want, and how to articulate what you don’t.

We love when people have a clear direction in their heads…but we also know that sometimes you need help directing those ideas. Being able to say “I don’t like that, but let me find the image that I was inspired by” doesn’t JUST help – it gets your project done faster. We’ll guide you the whole way, but the more decidive you can be with the options we present, the smoother the whole thing will go. 

Go with your gut. We’re all about the instincts!

Do I just talk to you and then wait for a brand?

We need you understand, and know, that once we’re hired we become a TEAM until your project is finished.

Amanda is a designer…not a psychic. We don’t know your business like you do. There is a lot of work involved on both sides to give you a full brand. There will be work on your end as well, but you know that by working WITH us (read: doing a bit of homework and being sure to fill in forms and respond as fast as possible) you’ll come out with an amazing brand that you love – one that is quality and lasting.


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