Nerdy Girl Solutions

Dubsado FTW!

Your client on-boarding looks like someone robbed you.

Shit is everywhere. There’s no rhyme or reason to the system, and omg. did you actually SEND that invoice?!

You have 5000 new emails (no exaggeration), you use 40 different “systems” to just get basic info from a client,
and you spend more time on Admin than LITERALLY anything else in your business.

You are one BadAss solo-preneuer.

We know it. You know it. Finally look like it.

Get ready to schedule your massage and pedi, seamlessly look like the badass expert you are,
fully onboard clients while you drink mai tais on vaca,

Because we are going to automate the shit out of you.

Nerdy Girl

is a 1 month custom systems build package
("package" hehehe!)
to help your biz finally run like the BadAss Boss Babe you are!

The bliss that comes after
You become a Nerdy Girl:


Yell it out William Wallace! Because you are suddenly going to be able to take naps during the day! Get a cute alert letting you know your client (AUTOMATICALLY!) selected a package, paid, got on your calendar, signed their contract, paid their deposit, got their welcome email AND started their questionnaire. All while you were FINALLY getting that pedi you deserve.

No More Emails!

Ok. There’s still like two manual emails…but you can actually avoid that monstrosity of an inbox because ALL YOUR CLIENT NEEDS ARE CONTAINED! Every email they reply to, every response you send out can be tracked and watched without you touching it. And now you KNOW when someone saw the email (I know you opened it last night, Sharon!).

Hello there...

You’ll have an iron clad set up to do everything from basic getting to know you questionnaires to full on drip content collection for clients. And guess what?! Your clients will have access to everything you sent them 24/7. You guessed it, WITHOUT YOU DOING IT FOR THEM! You can honestly say “Check your account, the info is there” and put the ball COMPLETELY in their court for moving projects forward.


Best of all? Your VA, accountant, and marketer will all be assigned different pieces of each client intake. Meaning you will no longer be asking team members “did you do this?” No no, my Business BadAss. Your team will know what they need to do at all times with each client, without the hand holding.

A Strong Design saved me at least 50 hours of work. This month alone.

Everything we did for on-boarding applicants was manual. It took forever, even before we grew so much. Once a Strong Design put the new system in place, we were able to literally quintuple how many clients we could process in a matter of weeks. 100 in a year to over 500 in three months. It was magical.

Capes and Crowns Foundation

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Only 4 spots available for September 2018.

Preselling spots for October 2018

The designs are OUTSTANDING! I would HIGHLY recommend A Strong Design

Tony V

When you have
Nerdy Girl Solutions you can:

Save 20 hours a week loudly swearing at your computer because you can’t find the contract/file/invoice/email/thing the client needs!
Save $1000s on on lost income because your lack-of-system made the client feel like you didn’t care.
Save your sanity because you have total confidence your clients get what they need, when they need it, to keep moving forward with you.

Did you know:

63% of small businesses work more than 50 hours per week and only a small fraction is ON the business.

36% of wasted time in small business is due to unscheduled communications (back and forth emails, finding things for clients, not having appointments, etc)

24% of wasted time in small business is waiting from information from clients. Signed contracts, proof feedback, website content, etc.

Where does the time go?


Day to Day tasks and putting out fires


Wasted time spent on emails.


Wasted time spent on admin work

So. How does this work?

Step 1
Sign up for Dubsado and your free trial here.

Step 2
Click the button to fill out a quick form about your biz and schedule your digital “face to face”.

Step 3
Get a questionnaire to figure out all the pieces you need. Choose the level of help that is right for you, sign the needed legalese, and pay your deposit.

Step 4
Send me all your things (I have forms to collect it).

Step 5
Celebrate the ease that automation brings to your whole life.

Nerdy Girl

is a 1 month custom systems build package
(“package” hehehe!)
to help you finally look like the BadAss expert you are!

only $3275

Wanna Know The
awesomeness you get?

Damn skippy you do!

90 minute Strategy Session

In this 90 minute session, I’ll walk you through the in-depth questions of what we’ll do to build your new smokin’ automation. From intake to welcome packets, collecting content to pro emails. All the things.


The motherload of automation! The WHOLE damn reason you’re here. We’ll set up work flows to seamlessly move clients along through the system because they signed the contract, filled in a form, paid an invoice, or need to schedule their followup.

Contract Build

You MUST have a contract! Get initials, signatures and acknowledgements all in one. Automatically. Bonus? We’ll set it up to auto populate the details of the contact like personal info and what they bought.

Proposal Form

So…how do they select one of your awesome packages? And PAY you? What if they changed their mind on what they want? What if they want more things? No worries. The proposal can handle all that.

Pro Email

We’ll integrate your current email with Dubsado so you go ONE place to get updates. The best part is everything you send out will have your pro signature and come from YOUR email.


Not every signature requires a new contract. Sometimes you just want them to sign off a proof, or sign they read your hours and how to contact you. Trust me. You NEED this.

Canned Email

Stop the copy and paste! Canned emails are set up to auto populate personal info into an email you’ve written 500 times over. You can make it as personal as you like (I’m partial to gifs) and include links, form buttons, and even simple updates without forgetting important info.


Four questionnaires

4 doesn’t seem like a lot…but there’s SO much we can do. Training modules, embed videos, get content, get images, get feedback, and so much more.


Lead Funnels

We’ll figure out what the best lead system is for you. Simple like: “new, quote sent, denied” or more complex like “branding, websites, and design gigs” and automate them so you know at a glance where everyone is.

Job Funnels

After we get the lead funnels set up, we’ll build job funnels for easy access to gigs. Do you have a bunch of weddings or maternity shoots? Access them easily with the funnel.

Job Tags

You don’t ALWAYS need to separate everything, but you still need to find a bulk of stuff quickly. We’ll set up and automate Job Tags to make you more efficient like 2018, Conference Leads, or Favorite Clients (we won’t tell).

Custom Mapped Fields

What if you want to know your clients’ dog’s names? Or their kids I guess…how about their birthday or who referred them? We can do that with the Custom Mapped Fields.

Amanda made it look exactly like it did in my head! It was perfect!

Kandace R

It’s Totally Worth it…
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Only 4 spots available for September 2018.

Preselling spots for October 2018

Hey there. I’m Amanda.

I’m a strategic branding expert that specializes in print and web layouts. And a total Dubsado FanGirl. I’ve used Dubsado in my own business since they launched in early 2017, and I’ve skipped along with them while Dubsado has taken the world by storm. I provide my clients with truly BadAss automation they can utilize to level up and start their world domination.

How Will You know if the shoe fits?

We will work SO well if you:

  • You’ve been in business long enough to know basically what you need from each client.
  • You appreciate an expert in their field – so you can be the BadAss in yours.
  • You understand the value in a quick text and a system that works.
  • You aren’t insulted by an F bomb….or two.
  • You are decisive….even if you need some guidance.
  • You love technology and what it can do. Maybe you don’t know a lot, maybe you kinda suck at it – but you’re willing to learn!
  • Have a fantabulous sarcastic/witty sense of humor.

…It ain’t gonna work if:

  • You’ve never had an on-boarding process (as in, you’ve never walked a client through from intro to completed project).
  • You want to use anything other than Dubsado.
  • You don’t have your BASIC client journey (even if it’s just sticky notes on a whiteboard).

Do You Know Your Personality?

I am an intense ENTJ in the Myers-Briggs Personalities. Or, if it makes more sense – I’m a high D and C in the DiSC Personality realm.
I belong in Ravenclaw. And I’m a Capricorn. With so much organization and attention to detail, my motto is “I get shit done”.

I was blown away by the designs that she did for my business!!! She’s AWESOME!

Elloise Bennet
AP Test Service

You know you wanna…
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Only 4 spots available for September 2018.

Preselling spots for October 2018

Amanda did a wonderful job listening to her customer and translating that into a job well done, and done right the first time.

Ian K
Heirloom Wood Toys

Her work is flawless and stunning. She is very professional

Marcy M
Cakes By Marcella

So Ya got some questions

Can I REALLY be set up a month?
Absolutely. As long as I have all your pieces.

I am in Dubsado literally everyday and have used the system since they launched. I can put your workflows and system together as fast as Hermione learning a spell.

Do I have to pay for Dubsado while you set it up?


One of the reasons Dubsado is so fantastic is because you can be on your free trial for as long as it takes you to get three full clients. Really really. You can set everything up and have your lover, your bestie AND a real client test everything before you’ll have to pay the WAY low price of $35 a month.

Bonus, they are ALWAYS improving their systems and making them even more seamless. 

Check that out here.

What if it's not working out between us?


Hey….not everyone can be like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. So if it’s really just not a great fit, we’ll cancel our contract and deliver everything we have up until we stopped working together. No refunds though…there’s a lot of work involved even before the finish line.

What all do you need from me?

We’ll need to collect everything you have currently for your systems (or what you wish it did).

But you don’t have to over think it…we’ll send you a series of forms through (you guessed it!) Dubsado to upload items and answer questions, and share a Google Drive folder to get the rest.

What if I am technologically handicapped?

It’s cool. Maybe you don’t know a lot, maybe you kinda suck at it – but if you’re willing to learn and trust we’re not trying to torture you, we promise what we make you do (help us help you!) will make everything run smoother!

We require my clients to only communicate with us by replying to emails, or filling in forms – which is what we will teach YOU to do with your clients. This is so when we are working at 2am (like we do…regularly) we have everything needed for your project. We’ll use Google Drive, and face-to-face chat via Zoom for our initial consult.

At the end of it all, we’ll give you a series of short videos to keep everything running smoothly for you. You’ll feel empowered, AND be able to catch up on all the missed sleep from manually doing everything! Win-win!

Do you do bodycopy or marketing?

This is a hard no. Listen. We are awesome at writing copy for ourself, and we will guide you if you don’t want to hire a copywriter, but that is a whole level of branding that is best left to the experts in the writing field.

Will you hold my hand through all the things, or do I have to make all the decisions myself?

You know what you want, and how to articulate what you don’t. We love when people have a clear direction in their heads…but we also know that sometimes you need help directing those ideas. We’ll never give you choices without reasons, and we’ll give you our expert opinion when you seem stuck. But for you, being able to say “I don’t like that, but let me find the form that I was inspired by” doesn’t JUST help – it gets your project done faster.

It’s You And Me kid…
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Only 4 spots available for September 2018.

Preselling spots for October 2018


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