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We design awesome brands and systems for BadAss business women who are changing the game and writing their own rules.

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Brand Identity

You are amazing. Is your brand?

Your brand deserves to be just as awesome as you but the thought of finding all the fonts, colors and good background photos while designing all the things, sounds like your version of hell. That’s totally ok. We dive into what lights you up so you can attract your Biz Bestie.
And look super Haute!

Hell, YES!

System Build

Tired of doing EVERY thing manually?

Of course you are. You started your biz to take over the world…not be drowned in emails, lost contracts, forgotten invoices, and 500 different goddamned services JUST so you can DO your job…
Let’s get you automated so you can be the #BossBabe you’re meant to be.

Yes, please!

Web Design

Nowadays “just a website” doesn’t cut it.

To really stand out, and to really let your audience know what you do, we will go page by page to to make sure your voice is heard. And that you look super BadAss! From images to layout, we’ll make YOU shine so you can serve your perfect clients. You know…the ones that make your eyes twinkle while making it rain.

On it!

You have great ideas, and a clear direction. You know what you want to bring to the world, and how to totally rock your client’s world…so why are you wasting your time trying to build graphics and reseach fonts by yourself? Why are you making your job harder?

Get on our calendar so we can help you shine…and save you boat loads of time.

They saved me 50 hours of work.

Everything we did for on-boarding applicants was manual. It took forever, even before we grew so much. Once a Strong Design put the new system in place, we were able to literally quintuple how many clients we could process in a matter of weeks. 100 in a year to over 500 in three months. It was magical.

~ Karina
Capes and Crowns Foundation

It's not just the creativity...

The creative work is easy to see from the online portfolio. What isn’t immediately obvious is the strong organization, project communication and business ethics. They’ll totally take care of you.

~ Rachel A

I love my brand so much!

Amanda created my company’s logo, designed my business cards, flyers, brochures and my website. Customers are always complimenting me on my logo. Her work is flawless and stunning.

~ Marcy M
Cakes By Marcella

My stuff looks so fucking awesome!

Every day I get compliments on my sign and my website. I am SO glad I found A Strong Design.

~ Ellie
Tiny Pins Acupuncture

Let's Build Something Together


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